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This is an evolution for Accredited Investors, Wealth Managers, Private Equity Partners, High Net Worth Family Office Owners, Investment Bankers, Social Media Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Startups to collaborate with vendors and event guests to share opportunities in emerging industries.

Introducing Greenfield Markets® Prime

The Top 100 Trade Shows in the USA have been handpicked by our experienced team within the public and private sectors based on square footage, show attendance, exhibitor participation and overall feedback. Based on hundreds of clients and custom exhibit rentals over the last year and some undercover detective work – our team has compiled a list of our favorite trade shows. Greenfield Markets® Prime can get your brand in a niche market that your company wishes to infiltrate for maximum exposure and branding. We can create videos before and during the trade show events which will increase your brand awareness, thus improving your brand safety.

What's On The Horizon?

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The focus of CCOF is to advance organic agriculture for a healthy world. While the dream might appear to be a bit too farfetched and incoherent with reality, the fact remains that the direction of the organization certainly appears to be straight.

Networking with industry experts and learning different concepts, techniques, strategies, and steps to raise capital from private investors is the practical goal in this evolution.

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