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Greenfield Markets Debut in the Green Industry

April 11, 2018 @ 6:19am PST, Laguna Beach, California, USA

We live in the information age in a world that is changing drastically. Rapid advancements make it necessary for people and businesses to be aware of new technologies and ideas that shape the world.

Greenfield Market is intended to provide a platform to share developments in green technology. It is a place for industry experts and movers to come together, share ideas and opportunities in the real world.

These changes are taking place gradually….

Green technologies have an important role to play for our future for two main reasons.

Anthony Scaramucci, CEO of SkyBridge Capital

First, the existence of our planet and our habitats are dependent on innovative, green technologies. Industrial development and massive consumption of natural resources has led to a deteriorating environment. You may have heard of the rising temperatures and global warming around the world. These changes are taking place gradually, but they can make living conditions extremely difficult for our children in the next 30 to 50 years.

The second reason that green technologies are important is due to bio-sustainability. The oil and gas that we take out of the ground to fuel our cars and factories will not last forever. Geological surveyors and oil exploration groups already estimate that we have used up more than 50% of easily extractable oil and gas. As these resources begin to deplete, it will become harder and more expensive to take the rest of them out of the ground.

“It is imperative for both economical and environmental reasons to rely on improving our green technologies to a point where they can help us sustain our current standards of living,” adds Mr. Anthony Scaramucci.

Bio-fuel is extracted from corn which can be grown every season and relies on nothing more than solar energy, wind, and water.

Clean and green technologies are better than fossil fuels because they are bio-sustainable in the long run. Take bio-fuel for instance. Bio-fuel is extracted from corn which can be grown every season and relies on nothing more than solar energy, wind, and water.

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Granted, the efficiency of bio-fuel is currently lower than fossil fuels. However, advancement efforts technological and agricultural industries have the potential to make it as efficient, if not more, than natural gas.

Waste management is a $60 billion industry.

Recycling is another industry that can shape the future. Statistics show that over 250 million tons of trash was generated in the US in 2014 with almost a third or 87 million tons being recycled that year. “Waste management is a $60 billion industry,” adds Jose P. Aliling, Construction Project Management, Greenfield Development Corporation.

Greenfield Development Corp. at Irvine, CA

New developments in solid and organic waste management promise a lot of opportunity for creating successful businesses for entrepreneurs and investors.

The average household energy consumption is expected to continue rising in the future. This presents opportunities for businesses in energy production and conservation sectors such as:

  • Take the tank-less water heaters for instance which have reduced the wastage of heated water in the storage tank,
  • Solar companies to connect with home-owners, retailers, and investors,
  • Bio-fuel research and development funding programs.

Here’s a sample; ultra efficient heating pumps are under development that can move heated air from one part of the household to another to conserve energy.

These green technology ideas will require investors, entrepreneurs, engineers and business executives to come forward and take leading roles in green industry. A platform that helps connect all these influencers in one place would benefit all the parties mutually.

This is where Greenfield Markets can make a difference in keeping everyone informed of the latest news, trends and developments in the green market.

♣ Thank you for reading. Keep in mind, Greenfield means New Markets!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Carlo Desierto is a serial entrepreneur with years of experience in business startups. He has founded, built intrinsic value, and sold several companies in which he sits as an adviser for the Board of Directors. Carlo has interviewed over 200+ entrepreneurs and published mini-biographies for new digital media channels relating to entrepreneurship, health, self-help, futurology, and the green industry. Most of all, Carlo loves to create teams. Facebook | @Instagram | LinkedIn

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